The Ati Treasury of Contemplation

The training will be held in English languageevery Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 19:15 till 21:15 Romanian time (EET) starting with the first session on Monday 5th October 2020. We will then continue till we finish with all the topics, the expected duration of the training is approximately 6 weeks.

The course is open to those who passed the SMS Base exams and attended the SMS First Level Training with Chögyal Namkhai Norbu.

This course embraces the principle of generosity and of working with the circumstances. After the registration you will receive the information on how to donate for this course.

This unprecedented course will enable one to grasp precisely both the principles of theory and the essential points of the practice of the most outstanding traditions within the Buddhist teaching, so that the full import of Dzogchen will become apparent and arise in one's mind beyond doubt and uncertainty in the practice.

We will spend three days a week of 2 hours each in learning in detail the various views of the gradual and non-gradual Mahayana; the views of the various classes of Tantras, and the different ways of presenting the view of Dzogchen.

Each session will include the theory and the application of the practices set out in the “Ati Treasury of Contemplation”: the practices of the gradual and non gradual Mahayana; the tantric practices, and the main practices of Dzogchen Semde according to the master Sodogpa tradition.

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Event End Date 13-11-2020 21:15
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Elio Guarisco

was born in Como, Italy in 1954. In the early 1970s he met and studied with major exponents of the Theravada tradition in India. He then studied Buddhist philosophy at a monastery of the Tibetan tradition for ten years, following which he was invited by Kalu Rinpoche to Sonada, India to work as a translator.

While engaged in his projects there, he met his main teacher Chögyal Namkhai Norbu and became an active member of the Dzogchen Community for which he now coordinates the Ka-ter (Kama and Terma) translation program and serves as an instructor of the Santi Mahasanga program of study and practice. Elio is an authorized instructor of SMS Base, SMS First and SMS Second Level.

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