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Chögyal Namkhai Norbu was born in Derghe in 1938 in the east...

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Dzogchen means Total Perfection and simply refers to our condit...

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The Dzogchen Community is made up of those who are interested in ...

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April 23 - 29 Permaculture Design Course with Saviana Parodi
May 24 - 26 Introduction to the basic practices of the Dzogchen Community with Gabriella Schneider - Bucharest
May 28 - 31 SMS Base Course Part II with Gabriella Schneider - Merigar East
June 1 - 9 Big Karma Yoga Gathering
June 21 -23 Vajra Dance That Benefits Beings with Eleonora Folegnani
June 27 - July 2 Green Tara and Özer Chenma Retreat with Oliver Leick
July 7 -14 The Song of the Vajra Retreat Part I with Stoffelina Verdonk
July 17 -24 The Song of the Vajra Retreat Part II with Elisha Koppensteiner
Aug. 4 - 8 Open Retreat with Elías Capriles - THE SIX SPECIAL MIND TRAININGS
Aug. 28 - Sep. 1 Drajyor Course with Fabian Sanders combined with Khaita Joyful Dances led by Erika Motylova
Sep. 2 - 7 Tibetan Language Beginner's Course with Fabian Sanders

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The Santi Maha Sangha, which means “Dzogchen Community”, is a course of study and pr

The Dance of the Vajra is mainly a method that uses sound and movement to harmonize

Yantra Yoga or the Yoga of Movement is an ancient system of Tibetan yoga based on the te

The main objective of the association is to promote the economic, social and cultural

The Mirror is the official newspaper of the International Dzogchen Community

The Institute takes its name from the mythical kingdom of Shang Shung found in Tibet more

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