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Dear Vajra sisters and brothers,

You are warmly invited to a unique retreat at Merigar East, on the Romanian coast of the Black Sea, to go to the root of our attachments and to enjoy!

The retreat will take place between 18-23 July.

Our instructor will be Zoli Cser, SMS, YY and VD instructor for the Dzogchen Community. Zoli suggested as a retreat topic to combine several practices connected to death, and Rinpoche agreed it would be a great opportunity for us practitioners. So let's go for it!:)

The program looks like this:

  • - morning Yantra Yoga,
  • - daytime: sutric practice connected to impermanence and death, tantric practices of Phowa of Changchub Dorje, Shitro of Namcho Mingyur Dorje, Purification of Six Lokas and practices connected to different bardos,
  • - evening VD and Khaita,
  • - night Chöd.

The retreat will be based on the principle of generosity, according to everybody's circumstances. However we will suggest a minimum donation based on the total expenses of the retreat, depending on the number of the participants.

Also sponsors are most welcome to contribute. The more participants, the less the cost per person and the greater the financial help for ME - as there won't be a retreat with Rinpoche this year in ME.

The minimum suggested donation is 50 Euro to cover the costs.

Accommodation will be in the personal tent in the camping area (2 Euro/night) or in a rented room in the 23 August village.

We will coordinate food together between us participants - either cooking in the camping kitchen or enjoying the restaurants on the beach. Reserve around 10-20 Euros per day, depending on your preferences.

Please register by filling in the following form so we can easily coordinate and keep in touch! Best before 15th June.


Thank you and see you soon at Merigar East in Romania!

With love,
ME Gakyil